New moon in Aries

April’s New Moon sits in the sign of Aries.

22° Ari 25 ; @ 9:31pm CT

New Moons are generally wonderful times to start new projects, new initiative and definitely for setting new intentions for yourself. Aries being the start of the zodiac, again reflects a great for beginning something new. In addition, Aries is a fire sign; so, you have that fiery energy to propel you forward!

Dream big. Stop playing small.

Stop riding the fence and commit to picking a side. And if you find you don’t like the side you chose, heck, go try out the other side. Be courageous and try both sides out to see what fits better.

Manifest to your whole heart’s content.

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Your cup runneth over

When your cup is empty, what is there to overflow into another’s cup?

Can’t pour from an empty cup.

When your tank is empty, the car does not run very well, does it. If it runs at all, that is.

I truly do love analogies. Can you tell? 😉

One of my favorite analogies about this aspect of living and being was once told to me by a person much, much wiser than I.

When you are on a plane, before taking off, the flight attendants will go through the safety precautions and procedures. One of the demonstrations is what to do in the case of air quality fluctuations or the lack oxygen. When the masks drop out of the ceiling compartment, the first thing they instruct is to always fit your mask on first and foremost, then helping your children or anyone else requiring assistance. There are a lot of studies that go into what is said and what is shown, not only for liability reasons but reinforcing what should be a part of basic psychology. You are of no use to anyone, in emergency or non-emergency situation, if you are incapacitated physically and/or mentally.

That sounds like common sense, yeah, but there are so SO many people running around with an empty cup. I know I’ve been there and done that. Heck, I still find myself doing that and have to be consciously aware of it when it happens. Part of my life includes a 9-5 job as an executive assistant in a global finance organization. It’s a small percentage of my life; however, all of the juggling around of tasks and Jenga-ish scheduling and rescheduling of numerous calendars can take its toll if I am not mindful. Throw in a life outside of the 9-5 job, and notice how your energy quickly drains.

When I hit a phase of being mentally, emotionally, or physically fatigued, I know that I need to take a serious pause to make space for self care time that I sorely need.

For me, personally, that looks like a plethora of various ways to Self Care and Self Love: journalling, creating art, art journaling, meditating, having a movie marathon day, jumping rope, reading a book with a fantastical tale of djinns and angels and demons, laughing-out-loud while watching my favorite internetainers—Rhett & Link, taking walks around the neighborhood, dancing—not professional dancing, to be honest, but tuning into my most hearted songs and having a solo dance party; dancing my ass off leaving me sweaty and needing to catch my breath from all the flailing arms around with sheer exuberance and exhilaration.

Do what makes your heart sing and find peace of mind. It could be taking yourself out for your favorite meal, giving yourself a mani/pedi, or a soak in the tub, or building a bookshelf, or making recipes passed down from great-grandmothers, or taking a class to learn a new language/skill, hanging out with non-stressful family/friends, or gardening, or treating yourself with a salad one day out of a pizza filled week, or maybe even playing video games.

Your self love capabilities are as limitless and unique as you are.

art by me

A big part of me being more self aware and mindful of who I am, what I need, how I function, who I want to be, and how I want to show up for others was in understanding that I deserved to give to myself before even considering caring for someone else. I had to make me a priority to me. I put myself at the top of my list.

If you are a caregiver of any sort, a teacher, a parent, a giver in any capacity, how do you give back to yourself when replenishing your soul with love and mental wellbeing?

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Full Moon in Libra

Today is the Full Moon for the month in the sign of Libra.

(8° Lib 18′) ; @ 1:48pm CT

It will not be quite a Supermoon, but it might look like one. It could definitely feel like one!

This moon will be making a Grand Trine with Saturn (which is in Aquarius) and Mars (which is currently in Gemini), and it be lined up with the Sun, Venus, and Chiron.

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With Saturn and Mars making a strong formation with this Moon, allow for motivation to propel you to leap any hurdles which may show up in your way with ease and confidence.

May the bright light of this full moon also show you where you need to let go and release in order to find more of a balance in personal relationships, work relationships. This might even be related to your relationship with you. Have you been neglecting someone or something? Finding a salad to balance out all that pizza you have been eating couldn’t hurt!

Try to be a bit more kind and considerate to yourself and those around you during this time. Everybody has stuff going on behind the scenes.

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Ebb and Flow

Life is about the ebb and flow
the ups and downs
being in constant motion, 
that is called Living. 
Being Alive.
Just as the tides rush to the shore and recede

Mountain ranges where the peaks meet the valleys below
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ECG/EKG readings as heartbeats spike with its peaks and segments and intervals.
(of all the analogies above, this one is the most apropos, IMHO)
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Nothing is ever literally frozen in time. 
Not even you
At least not until Death comes to walk you Home,
and the physical body remains behind to petrify into a hard shell before crumbling back into the dirt.
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Spring Equinox 2021

All endings are really beginnings.

From birth to death to rebirth, it is a complete cycle.

In celebration of Ostara, for the Northern Hemisphere, may the new light and warmth of the season bring in blessings of growth and abundance to you and yours.

(Mabon/Autumn equinox for the Southern Hemisphere)

Also…Happy New Year and Happy Aries Season!

When the Sun moves into Libra, Capricorn, Cancer, and Aries (the Cardinal signs of the zodiac), this brings with it the changes to our seasons; the Northern Hemisphere reflects the flip season from the Southern Hemisphere.

I believe the true calendar year starts, not with the Gregorian calendar, but with the Spring Equinox today and the start of the astrological cycle with Aries Season, which is also today. I am sure there were humans in history who figured it was economically viable to have January be the start of a new calendar year; right smack in the middle of Winter (Northern hemisphere dwellers)! *insert eye roll*

Daylight Savings time change, I am looking at you too!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I’m wearing something green. I swear! 😉

St. Patty’s Day is one of those curious holidays filled with folklore surrounding leprechauns, green beer, shamrocks, four leaf clovers, rainbows, pots of gold, etc. to commemorate the Christianization of Ireland by their patron apostle, Saint Patrick (formerly known as Maewyn Succat). I am sure there is a keener connection amongst all of those listed. *shrugs*

However it is you celebrate, if you celebrate, be safe and have fun! I hear the leprechauns are tricky little beings, very UNlike the-lucky-charms-cereal-leprechaun.

May LUCK always be in your favor.


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